Prenatal Yoga

“You will be training your

mind/body for giving birth.”

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training for it, would you? Of course not. Well, birthing a baby is hard work. It’s important to begin preparing the mind/body for this life changing event.

As your baby grows, your body will go through more physical changes than any other time in your life. You will begin to use muscles that you’re not accustomed to using. Keeping fit during pregnancy increase your chances of having shorter labor and positive birth outcomes.

Practicing yoga during your pregnancy will:

Help create strength and flexibility which can increase the probability of having a shorter and less painful labor.

 Help you to be mindful of your physical body during labor by working with the mind’s resistance to intense sensations in the body and perhaps moving through them.

Allow you to work with the breath in the same way that you would during labor.

Taking your practice to your edge and breathing through it, being mindful of your thoughts and listening to your body.