Doula Services

 What is a DOULA?

A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Although, creating a new life is both miraculous and beautiful, I understand that the birthing process can be stressful at times and that you may have anxiety. This is only natural, especially for new moms.  I’d like to help you and your partner have the most fulfilling birth experience possible.

Continuous labor support is the heart of Birth Doula care. Relaxing your mind and body, as well as decreasing fear and anxiety, is my number one goal. I do this by creating a calm and tranquil environment, massaging you throughout the labor, and offering positive affirmations, visualizations, music, laughter, and constant encouragement. We’ll work with proven techniques that help you stay relaxed, mindful, and fully present throughout your birthing experience.  I will advocate for you and be there for you during the entire labor, from start until finish.

As your Postpartum Doula, I will focus on the needs of the new family as well as the newborn. I am there to nurture the birth parent by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling faster recovery and more confidence in meeting the challenges a new baby brings.

Services Include:

­ ♥Breastfeeding support

♥Education on infant care including soothing and comfort skills

♥Support for emotional and physical recovery after childbirth

♥Foster family bonding

♥Spend time with baby so family will have time to peacefully rest

♥Run errands

♥Light cleaning and organization

♥Shop for groceries and nutritious food preparation

♥Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

♥Phone contact as needed

I’m located in Manhattan and serve Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Birth Doula Services

The services provided include:

Two Virtual or In-Person Prenatal Visits

1) During the first prenatal visit (Virtual
we will discuss optimal nutrition, creating a birth
plan/preference, hospital protocal and the risks and benefits of interventions,
prenatal/postpartum checklists and 
briefly go over HypnoBirthing techniques.

2) During the second visit (In
we will go over breathing techniques, birthing positions, Rebozo techniques, partner
support techniques, breastfeeding and review hospital protocals and

Phone and Email Consult

You can contact me as needed
throughout your pregnancy. My cell phone number is 646-780-0455 or feel free to
send an email to [email protected].

On Call for your Birth 24/7

I am on call for 24 hours a day
from 38-42 weeks gestation. You must CALL when labor/contractions  begin. When you go into labor you can of
course call anytime day or night.

Continuous Labor Support

This is the heart of birth Doula
care. I will advocate for you as well as provide continuous physical,
emotional, & informational support. In the event that I am not able to be
with you in person due to COVID-19 hospital restrictions, I will provide
virtual support throughout your labor and birth. If your labor should exceed 18
hours, there is an additional fee of $30 per hour for each additional hour. I
will remain with you throughout your labor and birth for 24 consecutive hoursIf
your labor exceeds 24 hours, I may need to call in a backup doula in order to
sleep for 2-3 hours.

In the event of an overnight or
scheduled induction, the Doula shall join the Client at the

birthing facility when the Client
is in active labor (the client informs the Doula that the Client is 6 cm
dilated and contractions are 4-5 minutes apart consistently for 1 hour); or
requests the Doula’s presence earlier.

If a cesarean birth is planned
prior to the expected due date, the Doula shall attend the cesarean if
allowed. After the planned cesarean, the Doula shall stay with the Client or,
at the Client’s election, with the Client’s partner, for 1-2 hours after the
birth of the Baby to provide lactation support.


 Massage throughout Labor

This is one of the greatest
benefits of working with a Doula who is also a licensed massage therapist.
Massage during labor is one of the most effective pain relief strategies that I
offer. I offer Swedish Massage and Acupressure to relieve pain during
contractions. My massage oils contain essential oils of your preference to
provide Aromatherapy and create a deeply relaxing state. If virtual support is
needed, I will instruct your partner on the best massage techniques.

Immediate Postpartum & Breastfeeding Support

I will remain with you for the
first 1-2 hours postpartum (occasionally longer if necessary), to give recovery
and breastfeeding support. I will only leave once you and your family are
settled and ready for quiet time together.

Postpartum Visits

I will come to your home within 72
hours of your birth and a second postpartum visit will be 1-2 weeks after your
birth. Postpartum visits are 60-90 minutes. Postpartum visits must be completed
within 2 weeks of the birth.

Postpartum Phone Support

The first week is a time of many
adjustments. You can call me within that first week with any questions or
concerns regarding your postpartum wellness, breastfeeding, or baby care.

FEE: Please email [email protected] or call 646-780-0455               

Services I DO NOT Provide

I do not deliver babies or provide
any other hands-on medical care.

I do not give medical advice or
diagnose conditions.

I will not perform physical exams
or monitor fetal heart rates.

I do not transport mother and/or
partner to birthing facilities.

I do not judge or criticize your
decisions for your birth plan.

I cannot guarantee a perfect birth
or prevent cesarean sections.   

I do not replace the role of the
Father/Partner or other supporters.                    

may stand in for me in cases such as contagious illness, other extenuating
circumstances, or during an extended labor. You will have an opportunity to
connect with the backup doula via Zoom meeting or FaceTime call by your 36th
week gestation or sooner. The backup Doula will possess a similar skillset to
that of the primary doula. If a backup doula is used, the Client compensates
the primary Doula as planned, who will then compensate the backup Doula for
services rendered. It is the Doula’s top priority to provide the services
described here. If failure to attend the birth or send a back-up is due to the
Doula’s error, the fee will be refunded less the retainer fee. If it is due to
circumstances beyond anyone’s control (e.g. an extremely rapid birth process),
the Client fails to call the Doula, or if the Client chooses after 36 weeks of
pregnancy not to utilize birth Doula services, the full fee becomes
non-refundable. The 50% retainer fee ensures that the Doula is available to
attend your birth from 38 to 42 weeks of your pregnancy. If the Client decided
to cancel Doula services before 34 weeks, the retainer will be kept by the
Doula. In the event of pregnancy loss, the Doula will work with Clients on a
case-by-case basis.