Guided Meditation

Fear is the underlying source of tension within the body and can lead to outcomes such as prolonged  

labors, induced labor, cesarean birth and increased medical intervention.

Meditation can help you become aware of the subconscious thought patterns that can create fear.

From early childhood many women have been bombarded with images and stories that depict labor and birth as a painful, horrible experience. It’s no wonder many women are terrified of childbirth and some choose to have and elective cesarean birth.

These fearful thought patterns create patterns in the brain which the body reacts to resulting in pain.

What if you could change all of that……

Relaxation and focus on your breathing are the key components needed during labor. And to relax the body, you need to calm the mind.

So people say, “What am I going to do? THINK the pain away?” Well YES.

Many people completely overlook or disregard the mind/body connection.; the psycho-somatic response. Your body responds to your thoughts and emotions.

Researchers have found that by deliberately choosing to bring your attention back to your breath, you’re laying down new neuropathways in the brain. This is called Neuroplasticity.

When you use awareness to interrupt pain and fearful thoughts, you’re creating new neuropathways in the brain. Changing your thought patterns, changes your brain patterns and how your body reacts to them.

You start to get good at relaxing even in the presence of turbulence. This is essential during labor. A total game changer.

Zen offers hypnobirthing meditations during which you will be guided through a series of relaxing visualizations and positive affirmations aimed at reducing fear and anxiety and building confidence and trust in your body’s innate birthing ability.

The meditation uses sound vibrational healing to create deep relaxation and self-awareness. We will be accompanied by live musicians softly playing Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gong, Native American flute and Shamanic ocean drum.

Hypnobirthing meditations allow you to visualize your mind/body relaxing during labor while in a state of deep relaxation. This programs the mind/body to release any fear of labor pain and/or outcome. Eliminating the fear, eliminates the tension in the body that causes pain during labor.

Women who practiced hypnobirthing meditations to prepare for labor report experiencing a calm and empowering birth.

♥ Change negative thought patterns and how your body responds to those patterns

♥ Calm the mind and relax the body during contractions

♥ Reduce the need for drugs during labor

♥ Shorten the 1st stage of labor

♥ Release any fear of labor pain

♥ Create a state of deep relaxation

♥ Reduce the need for an episiotomy

♥ Keep oxygen flowing to the baby

♥ Make you feel confident and capable

♥ Help Mom, partner and baby have a calm and relaxing birth experience